Chapter 31 – Moving Day

I had probably outgrown the townhouse we were living in by the time Gabby was 9 or 10. By the time she was 11 or 12, I was ready to move. However, I was worried about uprooting my senior dog and changing her environment at that age. I did not want to create any stress that would possibly shorten her lifespan.  I figured once she started slowing down I would start to look.

Beni came along when Gabby was 13, making me even more serious about finding a new place. When she hit 14 and had not slowed down at all, I decided that perhaps I should start the process.  I took her and Beni in the car with me when we drove past potential new homes. I would stop by the houses, open the car window and hold her, letting her stick her head out the window. She would look out, then start paddling like she wanted to go there! It was funny, it almost seemed like she was anxious to move into a new place.

I wanted to buy a mid-century modern home, but an architect I knew told me I would have a hard time finding one where I wanted to live. He suggested a 1950s ranch instead. Soon thereafter I found a nice 1950s-vintage ranch home not far from our old neighborhood, and very close to Darlene the petsitter. It was a good size for a single guy, and beautifully made with hardwood floors, plaster instead of drywall, roman brick and overall construction that was solid as a rock. I love old houses that way, and the architect had really nailed it with his suggestion.


Lots more room for Beni here, and more space on the other side of the house

It had a big, beautiful picture window in the living room, lots of space in the yard for Beni to run around, and a gigantic oak tree in the front yard. There was a finished basement that would make a great home theater room. I could even fit all three cars in the garage, if I put my Miata on rollers and swung it sideways by the back wall. It seemed to be just what I was looking for.

Of all the houses my agent showed me that day, I liked it the best and was strongly considering making an offer by the end of the day. I was sitting at my desk that afternoon when I heard an email ping from my phone. It was an automatic email notification from the real estate website. The sellers had just lowered the price!  All the stars were aligning. My agent and I quickly came to terms with the sellers, and I moved in shortly thereafter.

I liked the dachshund-friendly ranch layout. No more baby gates to deal with!
Here are some pictures of Gabby and Beni adjusting to their new digs.  My Ohm Walsh 5000 speakers sounded phenomenal in their new room.
As for Beni, he quickly took ownership of the new couch. He rarely leaves it, even today!


Little Miss Separation Anxiety kept her eyes trained on me even when I went into the attic…

As for my senior dog and the change of environment, the move didn’t phase her at all. My mom always said that home for me would be wherever she (Mom) lives. She was right, because whenever I talk about “going home for the holidays ” I mean I am going to South Carolina, though I never actually had residence there. Perhaps home for Gabby was wherever I was. She never missed a beat and if anything, she was happier at the new place.
I liked the gap under the door separating the main floor from the stairwell leading down to the garage and the gameroom. Whenever I had to go downstairs for a few minutes and left the dogs upstairs, when I came back up I would look through this gap before I opened the door. Invariably, there were dachshund feet there waiting for me. A couple of knocks gave Gabby ample warning to move away so I could open the door.

Moving to our new home both closed and opened chapters in the life Gabby and I shared together.  It was another signpost on our journey.