Gabby Rhymes

I was working on a children’s book about Gabby and wrote these rhymes about her.  It’s pretty much an unfinished symphony, as I never thought of a story to go with it and I definitely need more rhymes. I may still do something, just undecided at the time of publishing this website. The final paragraph is my personal ending to the poem and appropriate for this website.
It was Christmas time, some years ago

I was quite the lonely guy, you know
I was visiting my family far away
When it came, that happy day
I wanted a dog to call my own
I knew I would give it a happy home
Then it happened, in a parking lot
I saw Mom smiling, what has she got?
Mom says to me, looking quite pleased,

“I hear you’ve been looking for one of these!”
She opens her coat, and there, looking up
Is a beautiful little dachshund pup!
Gabby’s cute, but a little odd
Because she has a wiener bod!
Her hot dog shape is really fun
It looks like it belongs on a bun!
Her happy tail always wags so sweet
And she has four short legs that end in feet
But what is best is her loving heart
And her bright little mind, she’s really smart!

I wake up at an early hour

It’s time for me to take a shower!
Though I’m sleepy and just starting my day
Gabby already wants to play!
She comes running down the hall
In her mouth there is a ball!
While I’m showering in the tub
Scrubbing myself, rub-a-dub-dub!
I hear a splash, what do I see
She dropped the ball in the tub for me!
I bounce it off the toilet seat
She stands up tall, on her hind feet
Then, acting like a soccer star
She headers the ball, hard and far!
I see it bounce high off the wall
Then back into the tub, returns the ball!
I look down at my little friend
She smiles and jumps, telling me, “Again!”
It’s dinner time, and time to eat
I’m in the kitchen, Gabby at my feet
I make her dinner, and then l make mine too
Nothing like a late night barbecue!
Gab eats her dinner, but can smell my plate
Knowing what I have is really great!
She looks at me with loving eyes
But she is totally focused on the prize!
The eyes are the windows to the soul, you see
And I know what those eyes are saying to me!
“Master, look how I beg for you!
May I have a bit of chicken too?”
Such pleading eyes, who could resist?
I throw her a piece with a flick of my wrist!
I never dreamed a dog could be so sweet
So loving, loyal, and very neat
Devoted, funny, and very clever
We’ll always be best friends forever.
Gabby and I were meant to be
I know that God made her just for me.
For a dog in the home is a gift from above
Bringing happiness, playtime, and lots of love.
I am writing this story just for you
To ask, do you have a best friend too?
If you have one now, I am sure they are swell
And you have your own stories to tell!
And my personal ending…
And then it came, that fateful day
When she had to go away
And though she had to leave me behind
My sweet little dog is always on my mind
Gabby, know I’m missing you
But there are things on Earth I still have to do.
Just know that one sweet day again we’ll be together
And then we can be best friends forever.