The Jake Fund

The ultimate way to “pay it forward.”

I never had to worry about finances when it came to Gabby’s medical care. Many people are not as fortunate as I am, and it breaks my heart to think that some people are forced to euthanize the pet they dearly love, simply because they don’t have the money for emergency treatment when they need it. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if that had ever happened to me. I don’t think I would have ever gotten over it.

No one who loves their pet should ever be forced to make life and death decisions because of money, or having enough credit available on their card. Love is so much more important than money! What if those in need could get an interest-free loan when they need it, and pay it back so others can access the funds when they need them?

This is precisely what The Jake Fund does. Gabby’s primary veterinarian, Dr. Robert Slobody, is an extremely skilled surgeon with a high-tech practice.  He gets many referrals and sees some of the hardest cases.  When I was waiting for an appointment, someone brought in a chihuahua named Paco that was in a body cast.  Paco was hit by a truck and lucky to be alive! (I asked about him months later. He got put back together and is doing fine.)

Dr. Slobody and a client established The Jake Fund to help those in need. Money is contributed to the fund by clients, and the fund can be borrowed against by those who need it to pay for treatment that would be otherwise unaffordable.  The client commits to paying it back with monthly payments so others can draw on the fund as needed.

Unfortunately the fund gets drawn down with use and takes time to replenish, and funds are limited to the unused amount in the fund.  My goal is to help grow the fund so anyone who needs the help, and is willing to pay it back, will never be turned away.  Like I said… it’s paying it forward, and saving a pet is so much more meaningful than buying someone a latte!

Start locally, expand the movement nationwide

It is my goal to see that the Jake Fund is successful in helping every needy pet and family that comes Dr. Slobody’s way. Though that much of my effort is local, as the site and the fund become more successful I will attempt to bring national awareness to this kind of fund and inspire other veterinarians and animal hospitals to start similar funds. I will do that through this site and by making efforts to gain publicity elsewhere

The more successful the fund is and the better the story, the more noteworthy it becomes. That means I can get the word out more effectively. I would like to see every animal hospital in the country have a fund like this, or at least one veterinary hospital in every geographical area.

Every little bit helps
You can donate to The Jake Fund and help families and their pets with the PayPal donation button below. If you have enjoyed this site or my Sound Advice column, it would mean a lot to me. Any donations are appreciated! 
Gabby was my best friend, my companion, the child I never had, God and life’s greatest gift, and the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me.  I never knew I could love, the way I loved her. Being separated from her is extremely painful to me. Losing her has been an extremely profound loss, and if anything positive can come of this loss it would mean a lot to me to see that happen.



If you want to help, any amount will do.  Instead of tears of sadness, there can be tears of happiness, reunion and relief… and you are the one who pays it forward and makes it happen!

A final note about “paying it forward”

Please note that Doc Slobody did not register the fund as a 501(c)(3) so your contribution is not tax deductible. As I said, what you are doing is paying it forward to someone in need.  A full 100% of your donation will go to help needy pets, as Meadowlands pays for all the overhead cost of administering the fund. So when you donate, please remember… 100% of your contribution is going right where it is needed.

Are you an interested veterinary facility?

If you have a veterinary facility and are interested in possibly establishing a similar fund, please contact me at  I am working on a pdf with more information about how the fund works, so other facilities can easily implement one.