Chapter 15 – Photographer’s Dog

Another perfect pose. This one is almost comical, she nailed it so perfectly!

One thing you have probably noticed on this site is how Gabby almost always nailed the poses in the pictures… ears up, looking right into the lens.  Sometimes, like in the picture above, she even smiled for the camera.
This is no accident, and I did not just pull the best shots from a bunch of them when I created this site.  There are hundreds, perhaps thousands like this. I don’t know why, but whenever I pointed a camera at her it seemed like she was posing.

I took this picture on Gabby’s 10th birthday

The funniest example of this was when I was at a family get-together during the winter at a mountain home we rented in West Virginia. Gabby was sitting on my mom’s lap and I walked up with my camera.  Gabby sat there on my mom’s lap until I said, “Let’s take a picture!”  When I said this, Gabby got up, walked to the edge of my mom’s knee and sat down, then put her ears up, and held the pose until I snapped the picture.
Mom laughed and said,  “If that isn’t a photographer’s dog!”