Chapter 22 – Christmas Gift

I took these pictures of Gabby next to me with my Palm Pilot (remember those?) when
she cuddled next to me in bed the day of this story

One Christmas I was visiting my mom in SC. Everyone was in the living room, eating, opening presents, talking and laughing.  Everyone but me, that is.  I suddenly took ill and felt miserable and nauseous.  I went back to the bedroom that was mine when I visited, put on my sweats and crawled into bed to sleep it off.

About five minutes later Mom opened the door, holding Gabby and smiling.

“I think she would be happier with you,”  she said. Then she walked over and put Gabby down on the bed. Gab walked up, looked me square in the face, then went under the covers and cuddled next to me.

Apparently there was a pile of presents and discarded gift wrap blocking the way around the sofa to the hall to the bedroom, and Gabby was trying to get to me and couldn’t find another path. Mom figured out what was going
Food, people she knew, fun, activity and laughter out in the living room, and me sick and miserable in bed.  She preferred to be with me..
That she preferred to be with me isn’t going to be news to any dog owners out there, but it just reminded me what beautiful little creatures they are… and how much mine loved me.