Chapter 36 – Disappearing Bump

If you look at the picture of Gabby above, cropped from her wispy look from the last chapter, you will see a cyst that was above her right eye, on the eyelid.  

Here it is zoomed up. As you can see, it was pretty big and starting to cover the upper part of her eye. 
She had tiny eyelid cysts on her left eye that Doc Slobody froze off with cryosurgery (protecting her eye with a contact lens) but the base of this one went halfway across her eyelid. It started small but grew big and firm quickly, and stayed this size for at least a year.  
I talked to Doc Slobody and he thought it would take a bit of time to remove, so he did not think he could just give her a shot of propofol and have enough time to finish the job. We thought about options, but general anesthesia seemed to be the only possibility.  Neither one of us was excited by the prospect of general anesthesia at 16 years old, especially since we knew her kidneys were declining and she had the heart enlargement, if not a readily audible murmur.
I noticed the bump got so big it was starting to pull down on her upper eyelid, or perhaps the eyelid muscles were not as strong now.  I realized that we may have to do something before it partially closed her eye.  I spoke with Doc on the phone and asked if we could remove it in pieces over a several month period, using propofol instead of general anesthesia.  He said we could discuss it the next time I was out.
One morning a few days later, she was on my bed and I was on my knees, petting her.  I looked at the bump, sighed, and rubbed it, saying… “God, could you help me out with this bump, please?” I snuggled her a bit and went about my day.
When I said that, I was looking for insight about how to handle it, not for a healing.
A day or two later I looked at her eyelid and the bump was gone… COMPLETELY gone, without a trace or scar.  It is like it completely reverted from whence it came.  
The picture crop from above is from October 2014, 5 months later. As you can see, no cyst.  
How the cyst shrunk so quickly and without a trace, after persisting for over a year, is something that completely eludes me. 
Save, perhaps, it was an answered prayer that wasn’t really meant to be a prayer.